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Dont Get Caught

Screenshot (9).png

In "Don't Get Caught," immerse yourself in a spine-chilling indie horror experience developed by Lil Pill Studios. Assume the role of a daring young woman determined to uncover a hidden secret within the eerie confines of a mysterious man's house. However, her objective goes beyond mere exploration – she must gather a set number of credit cards while skillfully evading the watchful eye of the formidable sugar daddy.

Venture into the dimly lit rooms, carefully navigating through sinister traps and solving perplexing puzzles to uncover the coveted credit cards. Each step taken risks exposure, as the lurking presence of the sugar daddy threatens to end her pursuit forever. Survival requires stealth, cunning, and nerves of steel.

Immerse yourself in a chilling atmosphere, brought to life through captivating visuals and an atmospheric soundtrack. As tension builds, uncover the truth that lies hidden within the walls of this forbidding abode. Can you collect enough credit cards and escape the clutches of the sugar daddy, or will you become yet another victim lost in the darkness?

Prepare to face your fears, as "Don't Get Caught" delivers a gripping horror experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

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